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Colección: Okonite

Okonite is the oldest and most trusted cable manufacturers in the United States and one of the top cable suppliers for Nassau National Cable. As of 2021, we sell 196 variations of products manufactured by Okonite. The company is primarily known for manufacturing insulated cables of a varying voltage range. It uses patented insulated and jacketed materials. Okonite's power, control, instrumentation, and high-voltage cables are known for their unprecedented quality in the United States and worldwide.

Some of the popular categories of the Okonite products that we sell are:

  • High Voltage 2KV And Above for high-voltage applications in distribution circuits and industrial branch circuits.
  • Rapid Transit Cables for transportation transit applications.
  • Instrumentation Cables for control systems. The cables come in many variations, including 300v/600v voltage, armored and non-armored versions, and a different number of pairs.
  • Okonite's Special Purpose Cables and Products collection includes cables for x-rays, aerial jumper cables, 5kv aerial jumper cables, internal wiring power cables, and CLX Terminating Tool Kit.

Okonite's collection of Transportation Cables include armored underground signal cables, direct burial railroad signal cables, underground vital signal cables, line wires, case wires, low smoke traction cables, power cables, communication cables, power control cables, and tower and case wires.