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Colección: Military Wire

Military wires, or mil-spec wires, are created according to international and national military specifications and standards. They are designed to use in demanding environments with high intensity of operations. The cables are suitable for use in extreme temperatures, under shock, and under vibration. They can survive flame exposure and are resistant to mechanical abrasion, stress, oils, solvents, and most chemicals. Extra shielding gives these wires extra protection. The cables are manufactured to suit the demands of highly technological and complex military environments.Read More

The cables are used in various military applications, including protective covering, electronic applications, air-frames, antennas, and ground wires. One of the most common uses of these cables is the internal wiring of military equipment. Some of the benefits include extreme durability, superior resistance properties, and maximum reliability. The temperature range of mil-spec wires is between -80° C and 260 ° C, depending on a particular type. The cables come in 300v and 600v voltage ranges.

The primary type of military cable sold by Nassau National Cable is M22759 cable. Mil-spec wire is a low-weight and flame-retardant cable used in military, aerospace, and defense. Copper conductors of M22759 are covered with tin, nickel, or silver, while insulation's may vary. Some of the most common types of insulation include PTFE, FEP, and ETFE. M22759 is an all-purpose military cable.

The company also sells cables produced by two popular and trusted manufacturers of the military cables, Times Microwave and Alpha Wire. Coaxial cables by Times Microwave are used to transmit data, and audio and video signals in the military. All of the cables available on the website are actively used in the US military to great success. The US-manufactured military wires are among the best in the world as they are updated according to current technologies all the time.

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