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What You Need to know about the SOOW Cable and where to buy it


SOOW cable is among the most popular electrical cables in the world today. SOOW is a kind of portable control cable at times referred to as SOOW cord or SOOW wire. The letters in SOOW are abbreviations of something with the ‘S’ standing for service. For portable cables starting with S and not followed by ‘J’ their voltage ratings stand at 600 volts. The ‘OO’ mean that the inside insulation and the outer jacketing of the cable is resistant to oil. The ‘W’ means the portable cable is resistant to water and weather. Basically, this is to say that SOOW cable has the ability to withstand abrasion, water, oil, ozone, solvents and aging. Read More

SOOW cable is versatile in the sensethatit can be used in both outdoor and indoor environments. You can find it in 2 or more conductors. Although it is more popular in mills, marinas and mines, you can still find it being used in industrial, commercial and residential facilities. It’s high stranding and increases its flexibility making it an ideal choice for motor and portable appliances.

How is SOOW cable developed?

SOOW cables sold by renowned suppliers like Nassau National Cable is created by the use of thermoset, thermoplastic or thermoplastic elastomer.  Thermoset, which is a rubber found in the cable, is usually found in applications that are more heavy duty. Thermoplastic or simply plastic that feels like and appears to be like rubber is suitable for cold environments as it has high resistance to low temperatures.

Why go for SOOW cable?

As you already know, SOOW is used in heavy duty applications in most industries including oil and gas. In these industries, the cable is used for portable electrical power applications. The portable cable is highly flexible and high resistance to chemicals, abrasion and ozone. The SOOW cord is used also for battery charters, equipment and portable lights that usually get exposed to grease, flames, oils and solvents. This cable should be your go to cable when looking for an ideal wire for motor leads as well as ground tests.

The reason as to the SOOW cable is a favorite portable cable among many electricians is that it is versatile and possesses great features. The features of any product define whether or not it will match your needs.  In general the following are the features of SOOW cable;

      • Great resistance to oil and moisture
      • Resistant to ultra violet light
      • Excellent tensile strength, elongation and aging characteristics

Parts of a SOOW cable

There are many types of SOOW cable. This is to say that their construction will vary depending on the areas of applications.


Regardless of the different types of SOOW cables available in the market, generally a standard cable will have atleast two bare annealed copper conductors. The set of the conductor is very technical in that the strands of copper wires are tightly packed together. The copper K class conductors are cabled with wax paper fillers.The SOOW cable is available from 2 AWG up to 18 AWG. Other cables will have tinned copper conductors. These kinds of cables are ideal for dockside power applications where immersion in water is needed, cranes and machine and power tools.


The cable has been insulated with a synthetic, color-coded rubber. This rubber is known as EPDM, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers. This rubber is resistant to oil, ozone and water. This density synthetic rubber is versatile and can withstand up to 2150 C. the insulation has excellent dielectric strength, excellent resistance to UV, excellent resistance to moisture and low toxicity.


As earlier briefed, portable cables have jackets made of thermoset, thermoplastic elastomer or thermoplastic. Thermoset cables usually have heavy duty grade rubber jackets that are extremely sturdy and oil – resistant. Their safety and flexibility is maintained over a temperature range of -400 C to 1040 C. The SOOW cable is made of thermoset Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) jacket. The thermoset rubber jacket enables the cable to be weather resistant. When put under direct application of heat, the jacketing material hardens up making the cord not get affected by age, ozone abrasion and sunlight. The thermoset rubber does not melt when the cable get into contact with oils or hot surfaces.

You are also likely to find other SOOW cables with Super Vu- Tron Supreme Jacketing. This kind of SOOW cord can operate at a low temperature of -500 C to a high temperature of 1050 C. Just like the one with CPE jacketing, this one is equally flexible with stretched flex life.

From the material used, it is obvious to see that the insulation and thermoset CPE jacket have been specially designed to increase the life span and durability of the cable.SOOW portable cables have tissue paper tape separators. These separators help to easily and carefully strip the cable during installation.

Size and ratings

As we have established, SOOW cables come in a wide range and thus the ratings vary. These cables range from 2 AWG to 18 AWG. All the ranges operate comfortably at a low of -400 C and can handle temperatures rising as high as 900 C.This is to say that this cable operates quite comfortably in both hot and dry environments. It can be submerged under water and is flame resistant. You can therefore use the cable for indoor projects or outdoor projects. Under favorable conditions that range between the stipulated temperature ratings, the SOOW cable safely rely up to 600 volts.

Approvals and ratings

Selling products that have been tested and proven to be safe build confidence from potential buyers to go for your products. There are several international standards that stipulate the way electrical cables should be manufactured. For your satisfaction and our reputation, Nassau products, including SOOW cable, adhere to the stipulated guidelines.It has gone through the FT2 flame test and thus flame retardant. SOOW cable is in compliance with the following standards;

          • Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) listed. It passes the MSHA flame test – P07- KA070018- MSHA
          • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) acceptable
          • Sunlight resistant
          • National Electrical Code (NEC)
          • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard 22.2No. 49
          • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
          • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed for flexible cord subject 62

Uses and applications of SOOW cable

The use of type SOOW portable cable has been allowed according to the stipulations of article 400and other related articles of the 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC).  SOOW cables are designed for heavy duty usage can be used in industrial, commercial and residential facilities. They can be used in different applications such as fire alarms and temperature controls, remote control circuits and motor leads. They can be used in small industries and homes for generators and other portable applications with ratings standing at 600 volts.

The properties present in the insulation material make the cable ideal for interior and exterior use as was mentioned earlier. These kinds of cables are particularly designed for usage in marine dockside power and mining applications.

As the SOOW cable has great resistant properties to moisture, oil and chemicals, it is ideal for use in factories, chemical plants and refineries. The excellent properties these cables make them capable for use in high level and heavy duty industry. The type SOOW cables are used in heavy duty mining equipment, sound and light equipment for entertainment, marine use, welding and motor leads.

SOOW portable cable is also used in supplying power to power tools, control circuits, construction and portable equipment. Due to its flexibility and ability to withstand harsh conditions it can as well be used in extension cords.

This flexible cord is used to supply power to operating motors in tools, machineries, cord reels and other temporary installations.  The SOOW cable has particular applications in the entertainment sector for instance marinas, sports complexes, sound equipment, production studios, amusement parks, theaters and stage lights.

SOOW cables can be used for particular applications as stated in NFPA 70 paragraph 501.140 class 1 division 1 and 2 and paragraph 502.140 class II division 1 and 2 locations.

Where to buy SOOW portable cable

There are a number of suppliers of electrical cables world over. Walk into any electrical shop and you will not miss this common portable cable. However, not all of them are genuine manufacturers. Matter of fact they are just business persons hungry to make their pockets fat. Your well-being is in actual sense the least of their concern. Though you might get some at cheaper prices, do not be surprised to find that their quality has been compromised. In such a case, they are likely not to adhere to all the necessary international standards that guide electrical cables. Nassau National Cable is a reliable supplier of electrical cables. Our products are in line with all the required international standards for electrical cable. We supply a wide variety of cables including the SOOW cable.

Has this information been useful or insightful to you? We will be glad to know how. In case you have any questions regarding this product or any other, contact us today. 

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