Colección: Low Voltage Cable

Low voltage cables are meant to carry a voltage that is lower than 50 volts. They are usually used to transfer the power inside the electrical equipment. They are used for a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Low-Voltage Cables are suitable for electrical equipment in the mining industry, construction, energy, oil industry, and many more.

The use of low-voltage cables for residential applications is very widespread today. Low-voltage cables are used in houses for applications that do not involve walls or cable outlets. The system of low-voltage cabling in homes is known under the name structured cabling, and many modern buildings come with a predisposed system of structured cabling. Low voltage cables are used for smart systems within homes, wi-fi, and internet connections, thermostats, audio and video systems, and security alarm systems.

At Nassau National Cable, we sell a variety of different low-voltage cables, including the products by the leaders of the industry- the companies General Cable and West Penn Cable.  Our direct contact with the manufacturers and the network of warehouses across the country allows us to bring you the best cable solutions at great prices for every possible goal.


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