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Colección: Stage Cable

In the entertainment industry the portable power and lighting requests are part of similar locations such as motion picture television theaters stages. The Stage Lighting cable has specifications such as a nominal voltage of 600 volts. An elastic stranding 30 AWG conductor is annealed bare copper. This wire has a polyester tape separator.  Its jacket is part of a particular two layers of heavy duty EP/CP which ties together with thermoset jacket oil resistant, and flame retardant. The stage lighting cable has a limit for operating with utmost temperature for its highest conductor, which is 105°C. The size 8 AWG through 4/0 AWG is fully annealed stranded bare copper per ASTM B-172. The cable is a UL listed Type SC 105°C (-50°C) 600Volts. Also intended to be in accord with the NEC Articles 520, 525 and 530 for outdoor locations and also indoor. Read More

The Stage lighting cable meets test requirements with the VW-1 MSHA UL, CSA flame test as well. Known for its outstanding elasticity, also resistance to abrasion, ageing, ozone, oil, solvents. When submersed in water can also tolerate such situations. It is sunlight, water, ozone and abrasion, acids, alkalis, heat, flame, and chemical resistant. High strand count bare copper conductor provides superior flexibility.

Majority of commercial buildings in America in electrical service has what’s called a three phase, which means three hot wires (black wire), one neutral wire (white wire), and a\ safety ground (green wire), are run through in ever power box. When approved for use in theaters electrical cables normally they have three wires, black, green, and white. When measured, the voltage is always amongst two hot wires and is usually around 208 volts. Though when the voltage is measured between whichever one of the neutral, and hot is supposedly about 120 volts, but can also be  somewhere around 110 volts and 125 volts. It’s strongly suggested that there be no voltages measures amongst the ground and neutral. With this the actual power is branched off too specific circuits, and containing one hot, the ground, and the neutral where each one is 120 volts. 

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