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Ink Jet Printing

What is Ink Jet Printing?

Nassau National Cable offers ink jet printed sequential footage markings on the cable jackets made by an inkjet printer. The printer leaves clear marks on the cable that identifies its size and other characteristics.

The goal is to help you to identify the appropriate length during installation, in that way you can save time and get the most out of the product.

Other printing options available at Nassau National Cable

  • Ink-Wheel Printing

We used this durable printing option to mark cable surfaces.

  • Laser Wire Marker

We apply this high-quality non-contact printing method to mark cable jackets permanently. It lasts longer than other methods.

  • Hot Foil and Indent Printing

We use these options to print permanent indents in cable jackets for more legible marks. Also, it can be printed in a wide range of jacket materials. Hot foil printing allows you to print in color; Indent printing is similar to the first one but without using colors.

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Ink Jet Printing