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Cut & Strip

What is Cut And Strip?

Cut and strip is the service that cuts your wire to a specific length using a special machine so that the cutting process goes smoothly. Cutting refers to the wire itself, while stripping is the term used for insulation.

Why Do You Need Cut and Strip?

The cable needs to be cut and stripped before using it in any installation process, a small part at the end of the cable needs to be stripped once it is cut from the reel. One of the first things you need to consider before starting with a wire installation is to have the correct cut and strip off the insulation at the end of the cable. As part of the personalized assistance we give at Nassau National Cable, you can ask for cable cutting and stripping and receive it ready for installation.

Ask for Wire Cutting & Wire Stripping

We can help you save money and time in the installation process. We can deliver your order with cable pre-cutted to the exact length needed. Also, we can strip the cable insulation and prepare it for further handling.

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Cut & Strip