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Extension frame for SOLID enclosures EKJZR

Extension frame for SOLID enclosures EKJZR
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Extension frame for SOLID enclosures EKJZR


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Product Information


Also Known As :-

Extension Frame for SOLID Enclosures 11.02 x 7.48 x 1.97", polycarbonate extension frame, Extension Frame


Customize this product description according to the actual features and specifications of the EKJZR Extension Frame and SOLID Enclosures. Adjust the material, dimensions, and other features as per the actual product details.

Common Applications :-

The EKJZR Extension Frame is ideal for expanding the capacity of SOLID enclosures in various sectors, including telecommunications, IT, industrial automation, and more.

Equip your SOLID enclosure with the EKJZR Extension Frame and experience a world of enhanced capacity, flexibility, and performance. Safeguard your equipment, optimize operational efficiency, and prepare your enclosure system to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Standards :- 

Product nr : 3730153

Description : Extension frame, for enclosures:

Remarks : 280x190x130, 280x190x180

Unit : Piece

EAN : 6418074005724

SSTL number : 3420055

Electric No. Denmark : 8212007709

Specifications :-

• Material: High-quality, durable metal/alloy

• Compatibility: Specifically designed for SOLID enclosures

• Dimensions: Customizable to fit various enclosure sizes

• Weight Capacity: Engineered to support additional equipment weight

• Environmental Resistance: Resilient to a range of environmental conditions


Upgrade your existing SOLID enclosures with our state-of-the-art EKJZR Extension Frame, designed to offer enhanced flexibility, increased space, and optimized performance. Precision-engineered to seamlessly integrate with your SOLID enclosure system, the EKJZR Extension Frame is a robust solution for those looking to expand their enclosure’s capacity while ensuring utmost protection and functionality.

Features :-

• Enhanced Flexibility:
Adapt to various operational needs with ease, as the EKJZR Extension Frame allows for quick and simple modifications. Adjust the size and layout to meet the demands of your evolving technological and environmental landscape.

• Increased Capacity:
Bid goodbye to space constraints. This extension frame maximizes your enclosure’s interior space, providing ample room to house additional equipment, cables, and accessories with organizational ease.

• Durable Construction:
Constructed with high-quality materials, the EKJZR Extension Frame boasts enhanced durability. It is designed to withstand challenging conditions, ensuring that your valuable equipment remains protected and secure.

• Easy Installation:
Enjoy a hassle-free installation process, courtesy of the frame’s user-friendly design. It’s equipped with intuitive features that ensure a seamless and secure fit to your existing SOLID enclosures.

• Optimized Performance:
Experience enhanced performance and efficiency. The extension frame is precision-engineered to promote optimal airflow, temperature regulation, and accessibility, ensuring that your equipment operates at peak efficiency.

• Customizable:
Tailor the EKJZR Extension Frame to meet your specific needs. With a range of compatible accessories and add-ons available, achieving the ideal setup for your operational requirements has never been easier.

Dimensions :

• Height (mm) : 280

• Width (mm) : 190

• Depth (mm) : 50

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Customer Reviews

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Extension frame for SOLID enclosures EKJZR