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Cat III TRMS Multimeter AVO215

Cat III TRMS Multimeter AVO215
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Cat III TRMS Multimeter AVO215

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Product Information



The AVO215 true RMS multimeter is a rugged compact instrument for demanding environments. It measures true RMS voltage up to 600 V and current to 10 A with 4000 count resolution. As well as resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance for quick verifications, it meets CAT III 600 V AC/DC safety and contains a built-in flashlight, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

The AVO215 comes with a range of useful features, such as the continuity function, which provides audio and visual results through the use of a buzzer, and the diode function, which allows forward reverse bias testing of the diode and semiconductor junctions. Additionally, the unit has an auto range or manual range selection, enabling you to do the job with precision and speed, and its MIN/MAX and hold functions allow you to read the results easily in daily use.

Also Known as:

Electrical measurements, CAT III multimeter, 4000 count display & pocket-sized multimeter


• Drop test: 2 metres (6.5 feet)

• Diode Test: Test current of 1.5 mA maximum, open circuit voltage 3 V DC typical

• Continuity Check: Audible signal will sound if the resistance is less than 50 Ω (approx.), test current <0.35 mA

• Input Impedance: >10 MΩ VDC / VAC

• AC Response: TRMS ACV Bandwidth: 50/60 Hz (All waveforms) 45 Hz to 1000 Hz (Sine wave)

• Display: 4000 counts / positive display

• Battery: 1.5 V AAA x 2 batteries

• Fuses: mA / μA ranges: 0.5 A 600 V ceramic quick blow fuse / A Range: 10 A 600 V ceramic quick blow fuse

• Size: 182 x 82 x 59 mm


• The instrument is capable of measuring AC/DC voltages up to 600 V and AC/DC currents up to 10 A (20 A possible for 30 seconds maximum). All AC functions/measurements are True RMS.

• Resistance ranges allow measurements from 0 to 40 MΩ with capacitance measurements from 0 to 4000 μF.

• In addition, frequency measurements between 10 Hz and 10 kHz are also possible.

• The duty cycle function allows the ratio of time that a circuit is energized compared to the time the circuit is de-energized to be displayed, expressed as a percentage of the circuit on time.

• Example: A 75% duty cycle is a signal that is on 75% of the time and off 25% of the time.

• Ideal for pulse wave/trains or pulse width mode (PWM) evaluation.

• Functions are auto-ranging when first selected. The range button on the meter allows manual range selection across all functions; a feature that is generally welcomed by many users.

• The instrument has a MAX MIN function that lets the user switch between maximum and minimum measurements, meaning the user does not have to continually monitor the display to capture any momentary increase or fall in readings.

• The hold feature ensures a displayed result can be frozen on the display.

• The continuity range features a buzzer and provides the user with an audio indication for identifying and confirming continuity between two points. The diode test provides forward and reverse bias testing of diode and semiconductor junctions.

• For convenience, the AVO 215 also features a built-in flashlight for when working in dark areas and is supplied with a DMM lead set and a protective carry pouch.

• True RMS CAT III multimeter

• AC/DC voltages up to 600 V

• ACA/DCA up to 10 A

• Resistance 0 to 40 MΩ

• Frequency 10 Hz to 10 kHz

• Capacitance 0 to 4000 µF

• Duty Cycle, Diode, Continuity

• Function data Hold, MAX/MIN

• Bult in flashlight

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Cat III TRMS Multimeter AVO215