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567-18-3436 Okotherm CIC SP-OS Fire Resistant Cable - Tin Coated - 18 AWG - 36 Pairs

567-18-3436 Okotherm CIC SP-OS Fire Resistant Cable - Tin Coated - 18 AWG - 36 Pairs
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567-18-3436 Okotherm CIC SP-OS Fire Resistant Cable - Tin Coated - 18 AWG - 36 Pairs


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567-18-3436 Okotherm CIC SP-OS Fire Resistant Cable - Tin Coated - 18 AWG - 36 Pairs
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Product Information


Cable Description

Tin or nickel coated copper conductors, Okotherm CIC fire resistant thermoset silicone insulation, with FR tape if required, color or number coded fiber glass braid, cabled conductors, tin or nickel coated drain wire, aluminum-mylar shield tape, aluminum CLX sheath, Okoseal (PVC) jacket.
Conductors: Tin or nickel coated copper
Insulation: Okotherm Thermoset Silicone, with FR tape if required
Braid: Fiber Glass Braid
Color Code: ICEA S-73-532, Method 7
Assembly: Pairs or triads assembled with left hand lay. Fiberglass fillers included where required to provide a round cable.
Cable Shield: Aluminum/mylar tape over-lapped to provide 100% coverage and a 7-strand tin or nickel coated copper drain wire, same size as conductors.
Armor-CLX: Continuously Welded and Corrugated Aluminum
Overall Jacket: Black PVC

Applicable Industry Standards

€” UL 1569, 1309 & 2225 €” ICEA S-73-532 (NEMA WC 57), ICEA S-95-658 (NEMA WC 70)€” ASTM B-33 & B-355.

Flame Tests:

IEC 60331, ICEA T-29-520, IEEE 1202


Okotherm CIC 600 volt instrumentation cables are used in systems where, in the event of a fire, circuit integrity is required in order to maintain a process or to safely shut down the process. Fire resistance is determined by compliance to the IEC 60331 circuit integrity fire test. Okotherm CIC cables maintain circuit integrity based on qualification to IEC standard 60331,for all temperatures and times up to and including 2000°F for three hours. When exposed to a fire, the Okotherm CIC insulation becomes an electrically insulating ceramic-like ash that is capable of maintaining the operating voltage.
Okotherm CIC CLX Type MC-HL cables with the impervious, continuous aluminum corrugated sheath are recommended as an alternative to a wire conduit system. These cables may be installed indoors or outdoors, in wet or dry locations, as open runs of cable secured to supports not more than six feet apart, in cable tray, as an aerial cable on a messenger, in any approved raceway, direct burial, or encased in concrete. They are also approved for use in Class I & II, Division 1 and 2, Class III, Division 1 and 2 and Class I, Zones 1&2 hazardous locations per NEC Articles 501, 502, 503, and 505.
The overall shield eliminates most of the static interference from the electric field radiated by power cables and other electrical equipment.
Okotherm CIC 600 volt instrumentation cables should be considered on circuits designed for fire detection and suppression, alarms, communication, circuits requiring redundancy and personnel egress.

Product Features

  • UL Listed as Type MC-HL cable E38916 and Marine Shipboard Cable E137931.
  • UL Listed for cable tray use, direct burial 2/C 14 AWG and larger) and sunlight resistant
  • Passes the IEEE 383-1974 and IEEE 1202-1991 vertical tray flame tests.
  • Passes the 210,000 BTU ICEA T-29-520 Vertical Tray Flame Test.
  • Complete pre-packaged, factory-tested wiring system.
  • Individual pairs or triads are numbered and color coded for simplified hook-up.
  • C-L-X cables are quality control inspected to meet or exceed applicable UL standards.
  • 90°C continuous operating temperature in all types of installations.
  • 130°C emergency rating.
  • 250°C short circuit rating.
  • Good EMI shielding characteristics.
  • Impervious, continuous metallic sheath excludes moisture, gases and liquids.
  • Reduced sealing fitting requirements in Class I, Division 2 or Zone 2 hazardous locations (NEC Section 501.15(E)(3) or 505.16(C)(2)(c).
  • Lower installed system cost than conduit or EMT systems.
  • Provides excellent grounding safety.
  • Excellent compression and impact resistance.
  • Continuous long lengths.
  • Minimum installation temperature of -40°C or °F.
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) listed as CWCMC Type MC-HL.
  • Fire Resistant - qualified to 2000°F for 3 hours per IEC 60331.
  • Optional LSZH jacket available.

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567-18-3436 Okotherm CIC SP-OS Fire Resistant Cable - Tin Coated - 18