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At Nassau National Cable, we offer an extensive collection of lights for residential, commercial, and industrial use. All the products come from trusted manufacturers and adhere to all relevant standards imposed in the United States.

Flat Panel Lights are the energy-efficient type of lighting used indoors. The panels can last for decades without the need to replace them.

Fixtures include track lighting that can be moved depending on your needs. Commercial, residential, and industrial fixtures are available. They are highly efficient with excellent illumination properties. Other positive features include strength and rigidity.

Downlights are lighting fixtures that provide lighting in a specific place. They are usually built into the ceiling or the wall and are indicated in the lighting plan. 

Outdoors lights are perfect for backyards, stadiums, and utility applications.

Indoor lights, Retrofit kits, and emergency lights are also available. 

Most of the lights sold by our company are manufactured by Aeralux, a Quebec-based Canadian lighting company that specifies in efficient LED lighting. The company is famous for keeping up with all the latest technology advancements in the lighting industry. If you want your lighting to be as efficient and new as possible, Aeralux is a brand for you. Since they are known to have the upper hand on all the current trends, their lighting will likely save you a buck and last for decades.


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