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Red Small Plastic Bin HA01010644 (Pack of 50)

Red Small Plastic Bin HA01010644 (Pack of 50)
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Red Small Plastic Bin HA01010644 (Pack of 50)

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Product Information


Also Known As :

Plastic container, Plastic storage bin, Plastic tote, Plastic box, Plastic basket, Plastic crate, Plastic organizer, Plastic tub, Plastic tray, Plastic bucket.

About :

This individual plastic bin is great for cleaning up clutter; Made from a durable plastic material, they are heavy-duty products with solid industrial quality construction. Made to help you organize your workspace, Homak offers three different individual bin sizes for you to pick and choose from according to your needs, and they can be easily stacked. Homak emphasizes tool storage and gun cabinet security; Each item is manufactured to exceed consumers' expectations and to provide them with high value, strength, and dependability.

Specifications :

Dimensions - 6.5 × 4.13 × 3 inch
Color - Fury Red
UPC - 034518007534
Part Number - HA01010644

Common Applications :

Storage and Organization
Food Storage
Refrigerator and Freezer Organization
Desk and Office Organization
Craft and Hobby Supplies
Tool Storage
Shoe Storage

Features :

Great for Cleaning Up Clutter

Three Convenient Sizes to Choose From

Durable Plastic Material

Easily Stacked

Standards :

• Type : Plastic Storage
• Style : ‎Small Red
Material : Plastic

Construction :

• Cooling and Solidification: Once the molten plastic is injected into the mold, it begins to cool and solidify, taking on the shape of the mold. Cooling is typically achieved by circulating cool water through channels in the mold.

After the plastic has sufficiently cooled and solidified, the mold opens, and the newly formed small plastic bin is ejected from the mold. This may involve pins, ejector plates, or other mechanisms to help release the part from the mold.

 Trimming and Finishing:
Any excess plastic material, known as flash, may be trimmed or removed from the edges of the plastic bin to ensure a clean and uniform appearance.

 Quality Control:
Small plastic bins are inspected for quality and defects. This can include checking for uniform wall thickness, proper dimensions, and surface finish.

 Additional Processing: Depending on the specific design and intended use of the plastic bin, additional processes such as printing, labeling, or assembly may be performed.

The finished small plastic bins are packaged and prepared for distribution to retailers or customers.


Customer Reviews

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Red Small Plastic Bin HA01010644 (Pack of 50)