8 AWG 2KV DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable RHH/RHW Power Cable

8 AWG 2KV DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable RHH/RHW Power Cable

8 AWG 2KV DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable RHH/RHW Power Cable


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Product Information


8 AWG 600v/2kv DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable RHH/RHW Power Cable

Allowable Ampacity For 8 AWG 600V/2KV DLO Diesel Locomotive Cable RHH/RHW Power Cable: 80 Amps


DLO electrical cable is used to transmit power within diesel engines, including industrial machines, wind turbines, cars, and train wagons. Diesel locomotive electrical cables power lead transmitter from the engine to the rotating wheels. Aside from the diesel engines, the cable can be used as a general building wire in mining equipment, industrial equipment, and motor leads thanks to its fire-resistant jacket and insulation. DLO is also suitable for sea-bonding locomotives and other marine applications. The temperature rating for continuous exposure is 90°C in wet/dry conditions.

Also Known As:

8 Diesel Locomotive Cable, 8 DLO Cable, 8 DLO Wire, 8 Locomotive Cable, 8 Type DLO Cable, 8 DLO, 8 DLO Welding Cable, 8 DLO Heavy-Duty Cable.


  • ICEA S-95-685/NEMA WC 70
  • UL 44 TYPE RHH/RHW-2
  • c(UL) RW90
  • MSHA
  • RoHS



Fully annealed stranded tinned copper per AAR-598 and ASTM B 33 is resistant to corrosion.


Flexible premium-grade Ethylene Propylene (EP) Rubber


Black Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) resistant to acids, cuttings, scratches, and alkali.


  • Gauge: 8
  • No. Conductors: 1
  • Stranding: 37/24
  • Insulation Thickness: 0.055
  • Jacket Thickness: 0.020 inches
  • O.D. Inches: 0.349 inches
  • New Weight lb/1000FT: 94 Lbs

Manufacturer Equivalents

Amercable : 37119204
Coleman : 167014
General Cable : 5310.01008
Omni Cable : B80801
Southwire : 559271
Houston Wire : HW25400801

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8 AWG 600V 2KV DLO Diesel Locomotive RHH/RHW Power Cable