8 AWG XHHW Aluminum Cable 600V

8 AWG XHHW Aluminum Cable 600V

8 AWG XHHW Aluminum Cable 600V


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8 AWG XHHW Aluminum Cable 600V
Min Length: 1 FT
Max Length: 1000000 FT
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Product Information


8 AWG XHHW Aluminum Cable 600V

Allowable Ampacity for 8 AWG XHHW Aluminum Cable 600V at 75°C: 40 Amps

Allowable Ampacity for 8 AWG XHHW Aluminum Cable 600V at 90°C: 45 Amps


These electrical wires, also known as XHHW-2 cables, are primarily used for power distribution, in both wet and dry places, with ambient temperatures not exceeding 90°C. Voltage rating for this electrical wire, XHHW-2 cable, is 600V. 

Also Known As:

8 xhhw cable, 8 hxxw cable, 8 rw90 cable, 8 rw90 wire, 8 type se cable style u type xhhw, 8 xhhw, 8 southwire xhhw, 8 xhhw insulation.


  • XHHW-2 meet or exceed the following standards: 

  • UL standard 44 

  • Requirements of the National Electrical Code 

  • ASTM standards B 800, B 801 

  • Federal Specification J–C-30B 

  • Sunlight resistant



XHHW-2 conductor is a compact soft drawn bare 8000 series aluminum, with Class B stranding per ASTM. Stranded conductors reduce power loss and are also easier to use in applications where flexibility is vital. 


XHHW-2 has abrasion, heat, and moisture resistant cross-linked polyethylene insulation. Cross linking a polyethylene helps to achieve an excellent strength that makes the material suitable for covering this cable used in harsh conditions like direct burial installation.


  • Size AWG: 8

  • Stranding: 7

  • Conductor Diameter Inches: 0.134

  • Insulation Thickness Inches: 0.045

  • O.D. Inches:  0.224

  • New Weight lb/1000FT: 27 lbs

  • Ampacity at 75°C: 40 Amps

  • Ampacity at 90°C: 45 Amps

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