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6/5 SEOOW Portable Black Cord 600V Non UL

6/5 SEOOW Portable Black Cord 600V Non UL
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6/5 SEOOW Portable Black Cord 600V Non UL


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6/5 SEOOW Portable Black Cord 600V Non UL

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Product Information


6/5 SEOOW Portable Black Cord 600V Non UL

Allowable Ampacity For 6/5 SEOOW Portable Black Cord-600V Non UL: 36 Amps


SEOOW / STOOW Portable Power Cable is a service electrical cable that is profound for its resistance to oil, water, and weather. SEOOW / STOOW is used in power facilities, motor control, remote control, industrial control, stage equipment, robotic systems, portable industrial machinery, and food processing facilities. SEOOW / STOOW Portable Power Cable is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. It is also suitable for water submersion. Fillers of non-wicking polypropylene contribute to the lightweight of an electrical cable. The voltage rating is 600 V. The temperature rating is –50ºC to 105ºC.

Also Known As:

6/5 SEOOW Portable Power Cable, 6/5 Service Thermoplastic Elastomer Cable, 6/5 SEOOW, 6/5 SEOOW Flexible Power Cord, 6/5 SEOOW Cord, 6/5 SEOOW Cable, 6/5 SEOOW Wire, 6/5 SEOOW Portable Cable, 6/5 SEOOW Service Cable, 6/5 SEOOW Service Cord, 6/5 SEOOW Seoprene Cable, 6/5 SEOOW Black, 6/5 SEOOW / STOOW Portable Power Cable, 6/5 SEOOW / STOOW, 6/5 SEOOW / STOOW Flexible Power Cord, 6/5 SEOOW / STOOW Cord, 6/5 SEOOW / STOOW Cable, 6/5 SEOOW / STOOW Wire, 6/5 SEOOW / STOOW Portable Cable, 6/5 SEOOW / STOOW Service Cable, 6/5 SEOOW / STOOW Service Cord, 6/5 SEOOW / STOOW Seoprene Cable, 6/5 SEOOW / STOOW Black, 6/5 STOOW Portable Power Cable, 6/5 STOOW, 6/5 STOOW Flexible Power Cord, 6/5 STOOW Cord, 6/5 STOOW Cable, 6/5 STOOW Wire, 6/5 STOOW Portable Cable, 6/5 STOOW Service Cable, 6/5 STOOW Service Cord, 6/5 STOOW Seoprene Cable, 6/5 STOOW Black


  • OSHA accepted
  • Sunlight Resistant



Conductors are made of fully annealed stranded bare copper with a Class K stranding per ASTM B 174. When there are two conductors, it is black and white in color, for three conductors, there is an extra green wire, an extra red is added for four conductors. For five conductors, an extra orange wire is added as the fifth conductor. Conductors are resistant to corrosion and moisture. They are also durable and reliable in the transmission of electric current.


T*prene® Oil resistant Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) with a color-coding for easy identification. The main feature of the insulation is its excellent resistance to oil.


Flexible and tough seoprene jacket with excellent resistance to chemical and physical damage, zone, sunlight, moisture, chemicals, acids, flames, alkalis, and weather.


  • AWG Size: 6
  • Number of Conductors: 5
  • Stranding: 96/26
  • Insulation Thickness: 0.048 inches
  • Outside Diameter: 0.987 inches
  • Weight: 714 lbs

Manufacturer Equivalents

Coleman : Black : 22521
Wirexpress : Black : 4BD-0605

*Data provided on this page is subject to change based on different manufacturers' variances
** Images are for display purposes only refer to Product Technical Details for accurate information on the product.
In the case the material only comes in a predetermined color or doesn’t come with any color

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