500-3 EPR/CPE Power TC-ER Tray Control Cable 600V

500-3 EPR/CPE Power TC-ER Tray Control Cable 600V

500-3 EPR/CPE Power TC-ER Tray Control Cable 600V


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500-3 EPR/CPE Power TC-ER Tray Control Cable 600V

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Product Information


500-3 EPR/CPE Power TC-ER Tray Control Cable 600V

Allowable Ampacity For 500-3 EPR/CPE Power TC-ER Tray Control Cable 600V: 430 Amps at 90°


Tray instrumentation control electrical cables are designed to distribute the power in cable trays, conduits, aerials, and raceways. The cables are suitable for direct burial. The abbreviation TC-ER means that the cables are suitable for exposed installation without conduit as well, which significantly simplifies the installation process.

They are used in industrial and utility applications for power and signal transmission. Typical applications include connections between industrial tools, heating engines, and wiring motors. The cables are resistant to oil and sunlight. The voltage rating is 600 volts. The temperature range of the instrumentation cables is -40°C to 90°C. The cables are approved for use in hazardous locations per NEC 501 (Class I Zone 2 and Class II zones 20-22.)

 Also Known As:

500-3 Cable Tray, 500-3 Cable Tray Types, 500-3 Electrical Cable Tray, 500-3 Pvc Cable Tray, 500-3 wire cable tray, 500-3  cable tray wire, 500-3 TC-ER cable, 500-3 EPR Cable, 500-3 CPE Cable, 500-3 Tray Control Cable, 500-3 Tray Control Instrumentation Cable, 500-3 Multi-Conductor Tray Cable, 500-3 Exposed Run Tray Cable.


  • • ASTM B33
  • • ASTM B8
  • • ICEA for Method 4
  • • National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • • FT4, UL 1685 / T4
  • • UL 1277
  • • NFPA 79 
  • • Rated for Direct Burial


A stranded tinned copper conductor with excellent conductivity per ASTM B-8 and B-33. The conductors are highly flexible. Stranding makes the conductor thicker, thus lowering the resistance of the conductor. The layer of tin metal makes conductors resistant to chemicals and frictions. The cables have an additional tinned copper ground conductor.


EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) insulation has high dielectric strength and excellent resistance to ozone, abrasion, chemicals, mechanical damage, moisture, and weather.


A chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) jacket is durable and resistant to flames and chemicals.


  • • Gauge: 500
  • • No. Conductors: 3
  • • Ground Conductor: 2
  • • Stranding: 37
  • • Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches: 0.065""
  • • O.D. Inches: 2.17
  • • New Weight lb/1000FT: 5901 Lbs

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500-3 EPR/CPE Power TC-ER Tray Control Cable 600V