2 Clemson Single Aluminum Conductor 600V URD

2 Clemson Single Aluminum Conductor 600V URD

2 Clemson Single Aluminum Conductor 600V URD


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Product Information


2 Clemson Single Aluminum Conductor Underground Direct Burial 600V URD

Allowable Ampacity for 2 Clemson Single Aluminum Conductor Underground Direct Burial 600V URD: 155 Amps


The Aluminum 600V URD is designed to serve in the secondary distribution circuits for power. In these secondary circuits, the electrical cable is installed in duct or direct burial applications. Due to its versatility, conductor strength, and insulation integrity, it works well for these outdoor applications. It is also used in wet and dry places since the cable has a maximum operating temperature of 90°C. The electrical cable is also designed to provide an option of pre-pulling into ducts.

Also Known As:

2 clemson aluminum urd cable, 2 clemson urd direct burial cable, 2 clemson direct burial electrical cable, 2 clemson direct burial power cable, 2 clemson aluminum direct burial cable, 2 clemson single conductor wire, 2 clemson southwire urd.


Aluminum 600V URD is approved to meet design, production and application standards. The following are some of the standard it has met:

  • Approved by ICEA S-105-692

  • ASTM B-609

  • ASTM B-230

  • Accepted by RUS



This is an aluminum conductor cable. The conductor is designed in two forms: either concentric strand or compressed. The stranded type tends to be more flexible compared to the compressed series of aluminum conductors. The 1350-H19 series of compressed aluminum conductors are suitable for applications where flexibility is overlooked and cable rigidity is guaranteed.


Aluminum 600V URD cable has black resistant cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) insulation. The conductors are normally cabled together with XLP insulated aluminum ground or bare copper ground and covered with reinforced binder tape. XLP insulation is tough and resistant to impact, abrasion, chemicals, acids, oils, industrial solvents, and changes in weather.


  • Conductor size: 2

  • Nominal Insulation (mils): 60

  • Approx. O.D. Inches: 0.403

  • Estimated Weight lbs./1000ft: Aluminum: 62

  • Total Weight lb/1000FT: 92 lbs

  • Ampacity: 155 Amps

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2 Clemson Single Aluminum Conductor Underground Direct Burial 600 V URD | Nassau Cable