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Product Information


2/4 SEOOW Portable Black Cord-600V 

Allowable Ampacity For 2/4 SEOOW Portable Black Cord-600V: 80 Amps


SEOOW Portable Power Cable is a service electrical cable that is profound for its resistance to oil, water, and weather. SEOOW is used in power facilities, motor control, remote control, industrial control, stage equipment, robotic systems, portable industrial machinery, and food processing facilities. SEOOW Portable Power Cable is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. It is also suitable for water submersion. Fillers of non-wicking polypropylene contribute to the lightweight of an electrical cable. The voltage rating is 600 V. The temperature rating is –50ºC to 105ºC.

Also Known As:

2/4 SEOOW Portable Power Cable, 2/4 Service Thermoplastic Elastomer Cable, 2/4 SEOOW, 2/4 SEOOW Flexible Power Cord,2/4 SEOOW Cord, 2/4 SEOOW Cable, 2/4 SEOOW Wire, 2/4 SEOOW Portable Cable, 2/4 SEOOW Service Cable, 2/4 SEOOW Service Cord, 2/4 SEOOW Seoprene Cable, 2/4 SEOOW Black


  • UL Standard 62
  • NEC 501.140 Class I Div. 2
  • CSA 22. 2 No. 49
  • MSHA
  • NEC Article 400
  • Federal Spec #JC580B
  • RoHS



Conductors are made of fully annealed stranded bare copper with a Class K stranding per ASTM B 174. When there are two conductors, it is black and white in color, for three conductors, there is an extra green wire, an extra red is added for four conductors. For five conductors, an extra orange wire is added as the fifth conductor. Conductors are resistant to corrosion and moisture. They are also durable and reliable in the transmission of electric current.


T*prene® Oil resistant Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) with a color-coding for easy identification. The main feature of the insulation is its excellent resistance to oil.


Flexible and tough seoprene jacket with excellent resistance to chemical and physical damage, zone, sunlight, moisture, chemicals, acids, flames, alkalis, and weather.


  • AWG Size: 2
  • Number of Conductors: 4
  • Stranding: 665/30
  • Insulation Thickness: 0.060 inches
  • Outside Diameter: 1.455 inches
  • Weight: 1517 lbs

  • 18 AWG – 2 AWG fully annealed stranded bare copper
  • Class K stranding per ASTM B 174
  • T*prene® Oil resistant Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Brilliant colors for easy identification
  • Has brilliant resistant towards abrasion, ozone, sunlight, chemical and oil resistance, and water resistant with superior flexibility
  • With fillers of non-wicking polypropylene, lightweight . 
  • Suitable, and approved for wires to be submersed in water.
  • Does have compressors, and portable industrial machinery.
  • Used for facilities such as food processing and washdown.
  • Used in all power uses of Indoor and outdoor. 
  • UL Standard 62
  • NEC 501.140 Class I Div. 2
  • CSA 22. 2 No. 49
  • MSHA
  • NEC Article 400
  • Federal Spec #JC580B
  • RoHS


The 2/4 SEOOW portable cord is a type of cable which is categorized with the following technical specifications i.e. it contains 4 conductors in the cable, nominal jacket thickness of 0.080 inches, nominal insulation thickness of 0.050 inches, size of 2 AWG, a stranding of 162*24(Al/Stl), a complete cable diameter of 1.240 inches, A total weight of 1330 per 1000 ft (Lbs), Allowable current of 80 amps. This cable is also characterized by the following features; flexible and tough neoprene jacket, it contains an extreme temperatures of -50 degrees centigrade to 105 degrees centigrade, the cable is fully recyclable and hazardous for environmental landfill disposal, excellent abrasion, sunlight, ozone, chemical and oil resistance, non-wicking lightweight polypropylene fillers, high dielectric insulation of water resistance, lasts for a long period, easy to carry and handling. Also, its conductors are color coded to make the identification of this cable easy. The conductors of this cable are constructed by using 18 through 2 AWG fully annealed stranded bare copper per ASTM B-174 and an insulation of premium –grade, color coded 90 degrees centigrade EPDM


The cable has special applications requiring flexibility and mechanical toughness, high environmental resistance as well as flame retardance. This cable code is rated temperature as low as 50 degrees centigrade. Its toughness, flexible jacket and stranded copper conductor’s gives this cable code superior durability and workability in even the harshest environment conditions since it can be immersed under water. It can also be used in motor control, stage equipment and lighting. In stage equipment the cable is used in transmitting options whereby a signal is picked up by this wire and then transmitted to the sound system for amplification. In the motor control, electronic speed control is an important device. This device is controlled from the throttle channel of the radio and operates the motor much like an i/c engine throttle. Modern electronic motor controls use the 2/4 SEOOW wire in connection which have a good quality to offer a bewildering range of features and facilities including brakes and various startup safety features.


The 2/4 SEOOW cable is used in industrial control and robotic systems, this is simply because they have high water resistance to prevent water from contact with the conductor, hence ensuring that there is safety in controls since short circuiting is managed. Its excellent abrasion, chemical and oil resistance makes this cable to be the most desirable in robotic systems as they are destroyed not by neither chemicals nor oils which tend to destroy other types of cable when in contact.


They can be used in outdoor applications and suitable and approved for submersion in water since they are water resistant and have high dielectric insulations. These cables, with their best characteristics as discussed above, makes them fit class 36 thermoplastic elastometer. They are approved for UL listed and CSA certified for indoor and outdoor use (18-10AWG), UL flexible code subject 62, CSA certified, MSHA approved for flame resistance for mining applications and ROHS compliant.

*Data provided on this page is subject to change based on different manufacturers' variances
** Images are for display purposes only refer to Product Technical Details for accurate information on the product.

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2/4 SEOOW Portable Power Cable - Black | Nassau Cable