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504-22-3495 Okonite X-Ray/Hi-Voltage Cable Low Noise - 75 kV - 3 Conductors - 95% Coverage

504-22-3495 Okonite X-Ray/Hi-Voltage Cable Low Noise - 75 kV - 3 Conductors - 95% Coverage
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504-22-3495 Okonite X-Ray/Hi-Voltage Cable Low Noise - 75 kV - 3 Conductors - 95% Coverage

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Product Information



Okonite X-Ray cables are suitable for use on X-Ray apparatus for medical, industrial, research and control applications. They give trouble-free performance where pulse type high voltages are required. Although primarily used with medical diagnostic imaging equipment, Okonite X-Ray cables are also used with equipment in industrial applications as well as in research projects where high voltages, low power are required.

Okonite LOW NOISE X-Ray cables have specifically been designed for use where sensitive measurements are required. These LOW NOISE cables are manufactured and assurance tested to meet less than 10 picocoulumb discharge thereby reducing noise to a minimum.

Okonite LOW NOISE X-Ray cables are offered at 65kV, 75kV, 100kV, 230kV and 250kV dc ratings.

Typically, Okonite X-Ray cables are used to supply the anode and cathode voltages to the X-Ray tube. Since one terminal operates at a negative potential and the other at a positive potential, the voltage across the X-Ray tube is twice (2X) the rated voltage of the cable.

The two usual constructions are (1) three conductor (3/C) used on typical cathode cable installations, and (2) four conductor (4/C) utilized on installations with a grid controlled lead. Upon request, designs and constructions can be developed for special applications.

Product Features

Low Noise - < 10 pC @ 200 Vac/mil of insulation to 42 kV max.
Performance tested for long trouble-free service
Small diameter.
Flexible construction.>
Excellent flexing endurance.
Mechanically rugged.
Easy to strip and terminate.
Resistant to most oils and chemicals.
Complies with NEMA Standard XR-7 where applicable.


The minimum bending radius for permanent installation or flexing in service is four times the cable diameter.


Cable Core: Each Low Noise cable core contains two insulated filament conductor. In 65, 75, and 100kV cable filament conductors are #15 AWG (19x) [1.65mm2] tinned copper insulated with heat sealed color coded polyester tape. In 230kV cables, the filament wires are #16 AWG (19x) [1.31mm2] tinned copper. The 250 kV cable filaments are #14 AWG (19x) [2.08mm2] tinned copper. Both the 230 and 250kV filament wires are insulated with an extrusion of ETFE. Four conductor cables include one #20 AWG (7x) [0.52mm2] copperweld conductor per ASTM B-45 insulated with heat sealed polyester and shielded with metalized red polyester.

The tinned copper uninsulated conductor in 3/C 65, 75, 100 and 230kV cables is segmented into two #18 AWG [0.83mm2] flex stranded wires. The 4/C uninsulated conductor is segmented into three #18 AWG wires. A single #12 AWG (19x) wire is used in the 250kV cable.

Core Shield: An extruded layer of semiconducting compound encapsulates the composite core assembly.

High Voltage Insulation: Okonite€™s premium EPR (ethylene-propylene rubber) insulation. This ozone resistant high voltage dielectric is extruded in tandem with the semiconducting layers which insures an intimate and contaminant free interface between the layers.

Insulation Shield: A strippable extruded layer of semiconducting EPR compound is applied directly over the insulation.

Shield: A braid of tinned copper wires is applied directly over the insulation shield. Minimum coverage indicated in table.

Jacket: A flexible Okoseal (specially compounded PVC) jacket is extruded over the shield to provide additional mechanical strength and resistance to most oils and chemicals.

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504-22-3495 Okonite X-Ray/Hi-Voltage Cable Low Noise - 75 kV - 3 Condu